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Varicon Aqua & Renewable Nutrients Announce Partnership

We are excited to announce that Varicon Aqua and Renewable Nutrients have announced a formal partnership, with Varicon Aqua appointed to act as agent for Renewable Nutrients in the UK and Ireland.

Renewable Nutrients are a US based company who have developed the Quick Wash® platform, a series of treatment technologies for high strength phosphorus and nitrogen containing waste streams.

The treatment of these types of high strength biological wastes is becoming an increasing environmental and regulatory burden, especially for food processing, livestock and anaerobic digestion facilities.

The Quick Wash® platform uses a two-step bolt-on process to separate phosphorous and nitrogen from these high strength waste streams. Removal efficiencies for both nutrients are in the range of >95%. The resulting phosphorus and nitrogen are separated in forms that are suitable for reuse within agricultural and livestock practices.


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