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Quick Wash Ammonia wins Regional FLC Award

The Renewable Nutrients Quick Wash Ammonia technology was awarded the FLC Southeast Excellence in Technology Transfer Award. This is the second FLC award for Quick Wash.

Renewable Nutrients Patented Nitrogen Removal & Ammonia Recovery process is disruptive to current technologies as it recovers the ammonia for beneficial use and by its very nature can be operated with no impact to the biological process. With the Renewable Nutrients Patented Ammonia Recovery process in place, an existing facility will:

Reduce inputs of energy, carbon, alkalinity

Recover rather than destroy a valuable resource

Produce a high quality, saleable product

Improve the quality of the effluent by enhancing exiting nutrient removal processes

Allow the reduction of ammonia alkalinity

Potentially free existing capacity and allow the rerating of treatment plants in lieu of additional capital investment

Provide a solution for additional capacity in plants with limited footprint for expansion.

Renewable Nutrients is a leading provider of nutrient recovery technologies.

The FLC is comprised of over 300 federal laboratories, each of which is represented by Agency Representatives (ARs) and Laboratory Representatives (LRs). The Executive Board is the FLC’s governing body. It is composed of four nationally elected positions—FLC Chair, Vice-Chair, Finance Officer, and Recording Secretary—in addition to the Host Agency Representative, six Regional Coordinators, six Members-at-Large, and the chairs of standing committees, who are appointed by the Executive Board. The FLC Executive Board determines organizational policy and direction, as well as establishes the annual budget. The Executive Board is advised by the National Advisory Council (NAC), which includes advisors from the FLC’s user communities, i.e., industry, academia, state and local governments, and federal laboratories. The NAC Chair serves as an ad hoc member of the Executive Board, as does the DC Liaison. The DC Liaison provides the Executive Board with information regarding T2 legislation, policy, and procedures.

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