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FLC 2021 National Award Winners Announced

The FLC Awards Program annually recognizes federal laboratories and their industry partners for outstanding technology transfer achievements. The FLC’s 30 plus years of advancing tech transfer to meet the needs of our nation’s economy would not have been possible without the creativity and dedication of the federal scientists and inventors we recognize through the Awards Program, as well as the innovative professionals who work alongside them to achieve their goal of creating available technologies to countless people around the world.

The FLC awards are ranked as some of the most prestigious honors in the T2 field and are given as a symbol of well-deserved recognition for phenomenal technological efforts.

“It is our great pleasure to inform you that “Recovery of Ammonia From Waste Using Gas-Permeable Membranes” has been selected to receive a 2021 Excellence in Technology Transfer Award from the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC). The FLC is the Congressionally mandated organization that educates, promotes, and facilitates Federal Technology Transfer.

From among the 300 plus Federal laboratories supported by the FLC, the Excellence in Technology Transfer Award is presented annually.

This is the second National FLC Award for Renewable Nutrients.


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