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Renewable Nutrients is led by a highly experienced executive team, backed by nationally-recognized scientists and engineers with decades of experience in waste water management, water process engineering, and policy and agency management. 

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The Team

Our Team
Jeff Dawson - CEO

Jeff Dawson brings to Renewable Nutrients more than 20 years of experience in the investment and capital markets industry. As CEO, Jeff is responsible for overseeing the development and strategic planning of the company, including market exploration and opportunities for expansion.


Mathew Dyer - CFO

Matthew Dyer is a 10-year veteran in the field of green technologies and chemicals. As CFO, Matthew provides strategic and tactical financial analysis, budget management, and financial forecasting for the company.


J. Garrett Pallo, PE - Technical Advisor

Garrett Pallo is a Technical Advisor to Renewable Nutrients.  Mr. Pallo had a successful 25-year career in the consulting arena providing professional engineering services.  Mr. Pallo’s focus has been in the water and wastewater markets where he served as a designer, engineer, project manager, and as principal engineer on numerous projects.  Until just recently, Mr. Pallo served as the Vice President of Technology for CLEARAS Water Recovery, Inc, 

Amir Ghobadi, Ph.D., PE - Technical Advisor

Amir Ghobadi is a Professional Process Engineer serving as a Technical Advisor to Renewable Nutrients. Dr. Ghobadi has over 10 years of experience in process design and unit operations for water and wastewater treatment systems. His expertise includes chemical and biological systems, membrane filtration applications, CFD analysis, hydraulic modeling and equipment sizing, and environmental regulations for water/wastewater treatment applications. Dr Ghobadi has over 30 publications and presentations in National and International scientist journals." 


Ariel Szogi, Ph.D. 

Ariel Szogi is a Research Scientist at the USDA-ARS Coastal Plains Soil, Water and Plant Research Center in Florence, SC.  From 1993 to 1999, Dr. Szogi worked with USDA-ARS on waste treatment technologies for hog farms. From 1999 to 2001 he worked at Washington State University, focusing on soil conservation and water quality improvement in irrigated agriculture. In 2001, Dr. Szogi returned to USDA-ARS Florence to continue his research career within the ARS Manure and Byproduct Utilization National Program. His areas of specialization include soil chemistry, water chemistry, and manure management.


Matias Vanotti, Ph.D.

Matias Vanotti is a Research Scientist at the USDA-ARS Coastal Plains Soil, Water and Plant Research Center in Florence, SC. Since 1995, Dr. Vanotti has worked on agricultural waste management at the USDA-ARS laboratory, producing 165 publications and 7 patents. His research has focused on advanced treatment processes for manure, including liquid-solid separation, nitrification/denitrification, anammox, phosphorus recovery, and nitrogen recovery. Dr. Vanotti has been awarded the ARS Scientist of the Year, ASA Fellow, and the Federal Laboratory Consortium National Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer.

Applied Environmental Solutions

Renewal Nutrients has partnered with Applied Environmental Solutions (AES) for the continued development and commercialization of the QuickWash suite of technologies.  In this role, AES will serve as the lead organization for the sales, marketing and development of commercial opportunities within North America. Based out of northeast Ohio, with additional offices in Georgia and Florida, AES is ideally positioned to help advance opportunities within North America and also to help the continued development of solutions based around the use of the QuickWash suite of technologies to solve excessive nutrient challenges.  With considerable field experience in the evaluation and demonstration of QuickWash in agricultural, industrial and municipal applications, AES has evaluated multiple applications across multiple continents to help clients develop solutions that are both actionable and cost effective.  AES maintains and operates a functioning laboratory at a major University in Northwest  Ohio where continued process and product performance solutions are developed ensuring all facets of the QuickWash solution are continuously evaluated and optimized for a given need. 


Rick Johnson - Director Sales & Marketing 

Rick Johnson is currently Director, Sales and Marketing for Applied Environmental Solutions (AES) representing all Renewable Nutrients sales in the US.  Prior to his post with AES, Rick served as Director, Sales and Marketing for InNow Water and Environmental Services  and as Market Development for CLEARAS Water Recovery, Inc.  Both companies were focused on the improvement of water quality and recovery of nutrients in municipal and industrial wastewater streams. Mr. Johnson is recognized as a technical facilitator and has authored numerous ASTM Standards and co-authored several industry-specific Codes of Practices and is a co-inventor of 3 patents.

Kayla Piezer - Process Development Engineer

Kayla Piezer is the Lead Process Development Engineer for AES. She has extensive knowledge of the QuickWash technologies and has been the project lead for multiple large scale evaluations of multiple technologies in municipal wastewater, agricultural and industrial operations. In addition, she has also led field evaluations of innovative solutions to various challenges including total dissolved solids, passive phosphorus reduction and most recently, is leading the process development efforts for the QuickWash nitrogen recovery solution. Kayla is a 2019 graduate from the University of Toledo with degrees in both chemical engineering and environmental engineering.

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