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Phosphorus Extraction & Recovery

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Renewable Nutrients is rethinking phosphorus with Quick Wash®, a proprietary system that draws on exclusive technology to extract and recover 95% or more of the phosphorus found in biosolids.
Quick Wash is equally effective at treating municipal, industrial, and agricultural waste solids and side streams.
  • Extracts and recovers more than 95% of phosphorus

Quick Wash® is effective at extracting and recovering 95% or more of the phosphorus from a treatment facility’s solid stream or side stream.


  • Alternative treatment locations


Quick Wash® is flexible in solving phosphorus issues.  It is the only system that can treat your solids pre digestion, post digestion, or post dewatering.  


  • Reduces or eliminates phosphorus recycle load


When deployed on the side stream of thickening or dewatering operations, Quick Wash® can reduce or eliminate the recycle flow of phosphorus.


  • Reduces polymer and metal salts


Quick Wash® can reduce or even eliminate a facility’s reliance on costly metal salts for phosphorus removal. The system also helps to increase dewatering efficiencies and reduce polymer consumption.


  • Reduces disposal costs


Quick Wash® lowers the phosphorus content of liquid and dewatered biosolids — making the dewatering process more efficient, which lowers the volume of solids for disposal. Quick Wash® can reduce or eliminate biosolids landfilling fees by making the solids more viable for land application.


  • Eliminates struvite scaling


Eliminates the costly maintenance fees associated with struvite scaling in digesters and treatment pipes.


  • Increases revenue

Facilities can sell the recovered phosphorus, participate in nutrient credit trading opportunities, and potentially create locally blended custom fertilizers.

  • Meet EPA nutrient TMDL requirements

Quick Wash® can help facilities meet increasingly stringent nutrient loading regulations.


  • Represents a new, sustainable source of phosphorus


Quick Wash® represents a new and sustainable source of phosphorus to meet accelerating demand, while providing a solution that helps curtail phosphate pollution in groundwater and waterways.



A combined application of both Nitrogen & Phosphorus extraction and recovery technologies to solve the total nutrient issue for high strength streams.

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