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Renewable Nutrients Quick Wash Phosphorus Recovery Pilot & Demonstration at Perrysburg OH WWTP

Renewable Nutrients and its partner InNow is conducting a long term pilot of Renewable Nutrients' Quick Wash® phosphorus extraction and recovery technology. Quick Wash® was shown to extract and recover up to 99% of P found is waste streams. The pilot commenced on June18, 2018 and is scheduled to operate for several months. This pilot is focused on the investigation of the applicability of a technology which has shown the potential to impact the amount of phosphorus entering the Maumee River (the largest contributor of phosphorus to the Western Basin of Lake Erie) from both point and non-point sources. Unlike traditional approaches to phosphorus reduction, Quick Wash® reduces overall phosphorus loads through the recovery of phosphorus from concentrated side streams in wastewater treatment (such as sludge dewatering or anaerobic digester supernatant). Further, the pilot will include investigation of how this technology can also reduce the solids content of produced biosolids from these side streams. The phosphorus is recovered in the form of calcium phosphate, a valued after-market product.

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