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Renewable Nutrients presents Quick Wash® to Isle Utilities TAG Forum in Orange County California

Renewable Nutrients presented its Phosphorus Extraction and Recovery to Isle Utilities TAG Forum. Technology Approval Group (TAG) is a global innovation forum of the world’s leading water utilities. The TAG model was first launched in the UK in 2005, and over the years it has gone from strength to strength.

TAG accelerates the market uptake of ‘step-change’ technologies by engaging the industry during the pre-commercial stages of development and by leveraging external investment from venture capital investors. TAG operate forums for water utilities in different regions around the world. TAG meetings occur three times per year, and provide an opportunity for the US water and wastewater utilities to collaboratively review emerging technologies. This leads to technology demonstrations and collaborative trials to support the commercialization of the technologies.Isle has built increasingly strong relationships with US utilities since TAG was established, and meets regularly with the end users to understand their challenges, allowing Isle’s team to target technological solutions to bring to TAG. More and more utilities are attending TAG meetings: the dynamic is one of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and enthusiasm to implement change and improvement through new technology solutions. Isle has also forged special relationships with the US EPA, the Water Research Foundation, and the Water Environment Research Foundation, to enhance the opportunities for utilities to partake in collaborative trials and for the dissemination of results to a wider audience.

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