Renewable Nutrients is pleased to announce that Garrett Pallo has joined the commercialization team as a Technical Advisor to assist in advancing both the Quick Wash® phosphorous extraction and recovery technology and Renewable Nutrients' new ammonia extraction technology currently under development. "We are pleased that Garrett sees the value in our company and its technologies and has agreed to come on board to help ensure our long term success" said Jeff Dawson, CEO Renewable Nutrients.

Mr. Pallo is a graduate of the Civil Engineering program at Oregon State University at Corvallis, Oregon. With licensure in several northwest states, Mr. Pallo had a successful 25-year career in the consulting arena providing professional engineering services to public agencies with a focus on public infrastructure projects. Mr. Pallo’s specific focus has been in the water and wastewater markets where he served as a designer, engineer, project manager, and finally, as principal engineer on many projects and for many clients. Mr. Pallo had the opportunity to work as a partner in two Oregon consulting firms before starting his own firm in 2008, Civil West Engineering Services, Inc. He has been involved in the management and operation of Civil West for over 10 years and recently sold this successful business to his talented management team.

With a flare of entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Pallo has had the opportunity to be involved with numerous other companies and ventures ranging from providing gravel and construction products in the North Dakota oil fields to commercial property development and sales. Until just recently, Mr. Pallo served as the Vice President of Technology for CLEARAS Water Recovery, Inc, an emerging technology company seeking to utilize natural biology and algae to recover nutrients from wastewater streams. Though no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of CLEARAS, Mr. Pallo remains a major shareholder of this company and has turned his attention to working with other startup and emerging technology firms focused on nutrient recovery/removal, processing of biomass into downstream products, energy and resource recovery, and other related technologies and interests.

Mr. Pallo makes his home in Florence Montana with his wife and four children.

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Renewable Nutrients and its partner InNow is conducting a long term pilot of Renewable Nutrients' Quick Wash® phosphorus extraction and recovery technology. Quick Wash® was shown to extract and recover up to 99% of P found is waste streams. The pilot commenced on June18, 2018 and is scheduled to operate for several months. This pilot is focused on the investigation of the applicability of a technology which has shown the potential to impact the amount of phosphorus entering the Maumee River (the largest contributor of phosphorus to the Western Basin of Lake Erie) from both point and non-point sources. Unlike traditional approaches to phosphorus reduction, Quick Wash® reduces overall phosphorus loads through the recovery of phosphorus from concentrated side streams in wastewater treatment (such as sludge dewatering or anaerobic digester supernatant). Further, the pilot will include investigation of how this technology can also reduce the solids content of produced biosolids from these side streams. The phosphorus is recovered in the form of calcium phosphate, a valued after-market product.

"Technology as an Aid in the Reduction of Phosphorus in Point and Non-point Discharges to Help Meet Great Lakes Water Quality Objectives...." (To Continue Reading Click on Article and turn to Page 20)