A proprietary system, originally developed by the USDA, that extracts and recovers phosphorus from agricultural waste streams.

Extracts and recovers more than 95% of phosphorus

Quick Wash® is effective at extracting and recovering 95% or more of the phosphorus from animal manure solids.

Effective on multiple waste streams

Originally developed by the USDA to treat poultry litter, Quick Wash® has been proven effective on multiple sources, including poultry, swine, and cow manure.

Reduce land application and transportation costs

Quick Wash® lowers the phosphorus content of animal manure. This allows an agricultural operation to retain their livestock’s own manure solids for land application in the immediate vicinity, instead of shipping it long distances to remove it from area watersheds.

Reduce storage costs

Removing more than 95% of the phosphorus from manure solids provides more flexibility throughout the year for land applying manure. No more need to store animal manure solids for fear of nutrient runoff.

Increases revenue

Agricultural operations can enjoy incremental revenue opportunities by selling the recovered phosphorus and participating in nutrient credit trading. They can also sell their excess low-phosphorus manure solids as a crop-friendly fertilizer.



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